LED Linear

1210 FlexiLED Double

1210 FlexiLED Double SMD Flexible LED Strip

Double width flexible strips are designed for specific lighting applications such as signage, back lighting and when requiring increased illumination in joinery such as study desks and kitchen cabinets. Can be easily concealed in rebates and saves time on installation. Please contact Corelli Lighting Concepts for special requirements.

Code Colour  LEDs Brightness  Dimensions  Power
LT-1210D-CW Cool White 240 1500mcd 20x1000mm 19.2W
LT-1210D-WW Warm White 240 1500mcd 20x1000mm 19.2W
LT-1210D-R Red 240 500mcd 20x1000mm 19.2W
LT-1210D-G Green 240 1000mcd 20x1000mm 19.2W
LT-1210D-B Blue 240 400mcd 20x1000mm 19.2W
LT-1210D-Y Yellow 240 500mcd 20x1000mm 19.2W
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