LED Exterior

Ultraslim W 18W

Ultraslim W 18W LED Wall Washer

High quality alloy finish wall wash available in two sizes complete with qty.18 US made 1W high output LED emitters. Fitted with Impact resistant glass facia. Suitable for high-end interior/exterior applications.

- IP65 rated for external use
- Various LED colours also available.
- Dimmable via PWM Dimmer
- Supplied with IP rated linkable connectors or loose tails.

    LW-AT18-CW Ultraslim W, Cool White 18W
    LW-AT18-WW Ultraslim W, Warm White 18W
    LW-AT18-R Ultraslim W, Red  18W
    LW-AT18-G Ultraslim W, Green 18W
    LW-AT18-B Ultraslim W, Blue 18W
    LW-AT18-Y Ultraslim W, Yellow 18W
    LW-AT18-RGB Ultraslim W, RGB 18W
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