LED Lamps

Tristar MR16

Tristar 5W MR16 LED Lamp

Retrofit type MR16 LED lamp fitted with 5W CREE emitter suitable for replacing traditional MR16 halogen lamps. Designed for optimal thermal efficiency, these can also be installed in various enclosed fixtures fitted with heat dissipating flanges. Particularly suited for display lighting, effect lighting and various specialty lighting applications.

Although they can be used with most leading electronic low voltage transformers, LED lamps are best suited to traditional iron core ballasts and constant voltage drivers. For best performance we recommend using Corelli constant voltage drivers.

          Code     Colour Input Power
       LL-TS1X5-WW    Warm White 12VDC 5W
       LL-TS1X5-CW    Cool White 12VDC 5W
       LL-TS1X5-R    Red 12VDC 5W
       LL-TS1X5-G    Green 12VDC 5W
       LL-TS1X5-B    Blue 12VDC 5W
       LL-TS1X5-Y    Yellow 12VDC 5W

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