LED Linear

LuxBar System

LuxBar Linear System

Architectural modular design connectable solid LED strip. Consisting of 5050 SMD LED strips fitted within and extruded housing, connectable via dediacted concealed 3 pin connectors for continuous seamless runs. Available in various sizes to accomodate almost any length requirement. Unique design enables fast installation and particularly suited for recessed applications. Suitable for a wide variety of interior effect lighting applications. Suitable also for conceiled installation in commercial joinery, display cabinets, bars and clubs, kitchen and laundry cabinets, caravans and boats.

Designed specifically for commercial applications, the system is easy to install and can be configured to suit many requirements in length and configuration. Dedicated 3 pin connectors also feature reverse polarity protection.

The LuxBar system also offers a range of connectors to enable multiple configurations and mounting clips for flat or angled mount. The Luxbar system can be controlled using dedicated LuxBar controllers, or approved PWM dimmers.

- Connectable
- Supplied in various lengths
- Range of accessories available
- Clear Resin Finish in Aluminium Extrusion
- 110° Beam Angle
- Dimmable via PWM dimmer

Refer to the Control section for details of the LuxBar dimmers
Refer to Luxbar Accessories for additional items

Code Colour Voltage Length Power
LT-LB31-15WW 2600-3000K 24VDC 15cm 1.1W
LT-LB31-15CW 3700-4300K 24VDC 15cm 1.1W
LT-LB31-30WW 2600-3000K 24VDC 30cm 2.2W
LT-LB31-30CW 3700-4300K 24VDC 30cm 2.2W
LT-LB31-60WW 2600-3000K 24VDC 60cm 4.4W
LT-LB31-60CW 3700-4300K 24VDC 60cm 4.4W
LT-LB31-90WW 2600-3000K 24VDC 90cm 6.6W
LT-LB31-90CW 3700-4300K 24VDC 90cm 6.6W
LT-LB31-120WW 2600-3000K 24VDC 120cm 8.8W
LT-LB31-120CW 3700-4300K 24VDC 120cm 8.8W

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